Kitchen remodeling is all about creating a unique space that reflects the individuality of the homeowners. It is, after all, the most visited room in the home. It’s the place where families come together, create and eat their meals. Homes of the 21st Century specializes in designing and creating custom kitchens. Some of the important factors we consider are: Great Layout, Functionality, Style, Storage.

The layout of your custom kitchen should be a joint effort between you, the homeowner, and your contractor. It should reflect your tastes and that’s why we put a big emphasis on the planning aspect of your project. Once the planning is in place, our quality craftsmanship and years of experience in the industry come to the forefront. We work tirelessly to get your dream kitchen completed with as little inconvenience and disruption to your family as possible. We have kitchen remodeling ideas and projects that can fit almost every budget. Even a few small kitchen upgrades can transform an older kitchen into a more enjoyable and functional space for you to share and entertain both family and guests.


Many homes have more than one bathroom so individual family members’ needs are met. You have the ability to truly customize your main bathroom into a contemporary and modern functional bathroom. Whether you want a high-tech room built for function or a calm and serene space designed for relaxation, our modern bathroom remodeling ideas will inspire stylish bathroom transformations.

With so many different options available when it comes to bathroom remodeling it helps to have a little professional advice and guidance so you are able to make educated decisions based on current bathroom remodeling trends and what will compliment your style of house the most. We have many unique bathroom remodeling ideas we can share with you for every size space and price point. Homes Of The 21st Century will assist you in the designing, planning, and building a functional and beautiful bathroom space that will leave visitors to your home in awe. Allow us to help you choose the perfect fixtures, vanities, and counter-tops and create for you your own personal day spa.


Basement remodeling has been a Homes Of The 21st Century specialty for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, including custom trim work, custom cabinetry and individualized design that captures your personality while meeting your needs. With thorough planning we can help you design and transform the lower level of your home into a functional space and a great entertainment area for your family and friends.

Homes Of The 21st Century knows the formula to providing you with quality basement remodeling. Our team will custom design and finish your basement project while staying on time and on budget. Every basement design is uniquely tailored to each client based on their needs, ideas, and how the space is going to be utilized. Finishing the basement in your existing home adds much needed space and increases value without all the design restrictions and cost of traditional above ground room additions. Because the area is usually a large area to work with, it allows homeowners and builders alike, the ability to become as creative as possible. After all, it is usually the fun rooms that are located in the basement!


"Larry was great and offered us peace of mind when constructing our new home. We moved in a week sooner than we originally planned and couldn't be happier"